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The Next 100 Days: Notes and Reflections from Women's March

“Thank you for understanding that sometimes we must put our bodies where our beliefs are. Sometimes pressing send is not enough.”-- Gloria Steinem


The Women’s March, where an estimated 3.3 million women, children, and men came together on Saturday, January 21 in cities and towns all across America.

The Women’s March, where hundreds of thousands more rallied all across the world.

The Women’s March, where social media created what may be the largest demonstration in all of US history 

On November 8, 2016, the night of Donald Trump’s election into the White House, a frustrated and retired grandmother in Hawaii created a Facebook event asking for a peaceful protest in Washington to remind the incoming administration that women’s rights are human rights, too. By the next day, 10,000 people had signed up for the cause. (You could say it was the post heard ‘round the world.) Soon, other rallies were popping up, other events. On November 10, fashion designer Bob Bland took charge and consolidated each group into what will be forever known as the Women’s March.

Women’s March’s role on social media didn’t stop at a single Facebook event, it went on to also live on Twitter and Instagram. The hashtag #WomensMarch was used 11.5 million times on Twitter that Saturday--that’s almost four times the amount of people who attended. Even if people weren’t there, they were talking about it. Social media presented the march live on the internet and on our smartphones, allowing everyone to join in solidarity. The march’s presence on social media made it impossible for us not to know what was going on. Social media gave us a call to action: it told us what to do and when and where to do it-- and we did.


But what do we do now?

Here are 3 actions you can take for the next 100 days:

Go Beyond Your Screen
Encourage local meetups. What services do you have to offer? How can you empower others who are feeling the burden of our political climate? If you have a service driven business, such as a Coach, Graphic Designer, Writer, Blogger, or Wellness Warrior, how can you be of greater service to your community and beyond? Coming together (IRL) is a great way to empower ourselves and take initiative. Use social media as a tool to talk to people (by searching the #womensmarch hashtag or targeting geotags in your city), reach out, comment on photos, and offer your skills in order to take action and service your community. Women’s March put together a guide for “Next Up Huddles” which are groups of people coming together to engage in conversation. To start or join a huddle near you, visit the Women’s March website.


Make Your Content Count
Use times like these to inspire others into action. Instead of posting light hearted content, get involved in what's going on. What services or parts of your brand make people better? What aspect of your work lifts people up? Post content that is informative, inspired, and aligned. After the inauguration, platforms like Instagram took on new meanings and became places to post content rooted in truth, information, and action.

Expand Beyond Your Borders
Find like-minded individuals outside of your city to unite with and go beyond the limitations of your local community. Start a chapter in your company, make a private Facebook group, or create your own workshop to find people in your city and beyond. Make connections from Washington D.C. to London to Nairobi. Think bigger and wider and aim to reach more and more people globally with your message. Can you host a webinar? Make an inspired YouTube video? Partner with like minded people beyond borders and make them an affiliate of your business to spread your message? There is so much room for change and individuals are looking for heart-centered people to lead now more than ever. 

For any of you who are Coaches, Yogis, Meditation Gurus, Creatives, or Service Driven Entrepreneurs, this is your time to step up. Be a resource and a light to others who are feeling heavy hearted. You can make money and change the world. 

Want more advice on how to be involved? Book a one-on-one with me and get aligned on how to spread your message to people who are waiting to receive it. 

Who of you attended a Women's March near you? Drop a comment below and share your experience! 




Heather Catania