I want to work with you privately for social media management. How can I get started? 

I only take on a specific number of private clients at a time. My booking are currently open for 2017 with limited availability. If you would like to secure your spot, please contact me ASAP (via email: heather@heathercatania.tv). You can also check out my Shop for Digital Programs and Downloadable Design Resources. It is full of quick and affordable design packages that can be customized with a variety of add-ons.


How long does a custom website and brand identity package take? 

All of my projects are completed on a 4-6 week timeline, depending on organization of assets and scope of work. If you are well organized, you can easily have a new website finished, launched, and live within a 6 week period. 


If I have an idea, but am not quite sure how to move forward with a program, can you help? 

Yes. I do one-on-one Brand Consulting where I will co-strategize your Brand and bring clarity to your business. I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs who see results with me after just one session. The benefit of one-on-one consulting time is to get clear, gain confidence, and move forward with your business in the most powerful and effective way possible. I consult on both new businesses (where we start from scratch) or existing businesses that need a refresh. If you're interested in brand consulting, you can preview my packages here. 


DO You have a cancellation policy? 

Yes. For all Private Clients, a client can terminate services with 30 days notice. My 30 Day Cancellation policy is strictly implemented. All Private Clients must commit to a 6 month contract minimum in order to see maximum results. My programs and services are proven to be extremely effective, no refunds are given on services rendered. All deposits are nonrefundable as it is my way of securing your spot in the queue. I book projects several months ahead of time, and scheduling ensures that I give all of my clients the proper amount of time that a project deserves. As a result, I turn away clients for your reserved time slot. If you back out of the project, you may leave an empty spot that could have been given to another project. The deposits ensure that clients are serious about moving forward with the project. I require that my Clients work hard to achieve their social media and digitally driven goals. For all digital products, I'm sorry. No refunds!  


How do I complete an order for digital programs or services?

Orders are completed through my website. If you are just purchasing a theme, you should receive your order upon your payment being cleared. If you are purchasing customizations, you will need to complete the respective form for whatever theme you ordered. I will follow up with next steps depending on the customization.



While most clients do start by having social platforms, I also see great success in helping students build their social platforms from scratch. I love growth-minded creators who are looking for guidance and want to build their platforms correctly from the start. Here’s why:

First, you’ll learn how to have the mindset of a “Socialpreneur.” Through this program, you will be equipped with all of the tools to avoid making the costly mistakes many of us make when we first get active on social media.

Second, now more than ever, you need to be able to communicate effectively on social media if you want to promote your business, your personality, and be a top performer in your industry. Almost all successful brands, businesses, and people have a strong social strategy and are extremely active in engaging with their customers, fans, and followers. Learning to leverage social media and digital marketing means more sales, visibility, and impact. This is vital to ensure you earn top dollar and remain in demand in your field.


HOW MANY FOLLOWERS WILL I GAIN AFTER working with you or DOING one of your PROGRAMs?

There is no way to calculate exactly how many followers you will gain while working with me. However, your following will increase if you implement our engagement and my proven growth strategies. My growth strategies have been road tested, proven, and used by many different types of people across various industries. I know they work because we have seen the results. The number of followers you gain will be based on how frequently you post, the quality of your content, and what you consistently offer your followers in terms of message, vision, and purpose. Typically, my private clients see the biggest growth (usually between 1,000 - 10,000 new followers per month on average). However, every single one of my clients or digital training students have seen an increase in their following. Again, it is all about the work and effort you are willing to give. 



My programs are individual learning programs. You will receive one username, password, and private member profile to use throughout the program. This will provide access to the private member site.

If you would like to take the program with a partner, friend, or collaborator, you will have to each purchase the program separately. Sharing the program goes against our privacy policy. If you would like to have your assistant or team members participate in one of my programs, a membership will need to be purchased for each participating member. 


I want to revamp my website. What web platforms do you design for? 

I design websites in various capacities that are all mobile responsive user experiences optimized for high performance. The platforms I use are WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Ontraport, Leadpages, and Clickfunnels. These platforms are my favorite as they present an easy, user friendly experience that is easy to maintain. I personally use these platforms in my own business and will suggest the most high converting options and guide you to achieve your personal and professional goals. 


Do I need to have MY BRANDING IN PLACE, or do you help with that? 

I work with clients in various capacities. I do custom brand builds from scratch, or I revamp your current brand to rework your digital real estate (website, blog, or social media platforms) to better communicate your message, services, and professional offerings. To determine which package would work best for you and your goals, please book a Complimentary Brand Consultation with me right here. Once you go live, I want to make sure all of the technical details have been worked through and you have a killer brand in place. This way, you can focus all of your energy on  building your empire and amplifying your beautiful message to the world. 



Yes! I work with clients all over the world. I am based in Los Angeles, however, thanks to modern technology, all you need to work with me is a strong wifi signal. I currently work one on one with clients all over the world. My favorite communication platforms include Skype, FaceTime, Zoom Meeting, or a free Dial In provided to easily accommodate clients world wide. If you would like to work with me, please get in touch by clicking here! 



I do offer monthly maintenance packages so that you can easily make updates to your website, minus the hassle and headache. In regards to Web Hosting, each one of my clients are accountable for purchasing their own domains and web hosting providers. I am happy to provide a number of hosting options that I frequently work with and recommend. Clients are personally responsible for all yearly domain and hosting fees. To learn more about Monthly Maintence Packages, please click here. 



The first three weeks of the program are the most intensive, simply because the information is “new” and will require a learning curve. The first few Modules are the most in depth, and designed to help you develop a strong foundation on which to build extremely solid “brand story,” engagement, and content strategy.

For people who are already active on Instagram, the first few weeks will also be spent determining the new direction for your content. This can include deleting and removing pre-existing content, and a complete overhaul of your platforms. Most people are extremely excited to debut their new “look & feel.” The results and feedback you receive is one of the most rewarding parts of the program.  

Don’t forget, becoming successful on Instagram and social media does not happen overnight. There are no “magic pills” or “zero to sixty” methods for instant success. You are required to work, consistently, and put our advice to action on a daily basis. The program mirrors the reality of growing or launching a business – it’s intense, requires hard work, time, patience, and diligence – but the results are deeply rewarding. 



Yes. However, the digital programs are designed for you to complete each Module and the corresponding Digital Downloads in the order that we provide. The programs deliver proven results, and therefore it is vital that you follow the program as intended.

The entire program has been designed for you to achieve a maximum result and long-term success.

Once you complete a program, you have lifetime access. This means you can revisit the program and brush up on your training any time you’d like. 


can I book time with you to audit my existing brand?

Yes, I would love to audit your brand and share how we can tweak your platform for bigger brand conversion. I book a one hour Brand Audit with me, purchase a 60 minute session with me right here. 




Still have Questions? If you read my above FAQ's and still have a question about how I can help you with your brand, fill out the form below. You can also email me directly at heather@heathercatania.tv. I answer every single email in less than 24 hours. 

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