Full Fledged Web Design and Brand Identity 

Brand communication is key if you are a blogger, authority, lifestyle expert, or creative. If you want to reflect being at the top of your industry, your brand must be top notch. Inside my custom VIP Brand Identity and Blog Design Package, you receive all of the tools in order to amplify your message and position yourself as an authority in your industry. With a stunning new logo, a fully mobile responsive site / blog design, letterhead templates, business cards, custom Newsletter template, and branded assets to use across your Social Media platforms, you will be ready to market yourself as a creative tour de force. My branding and design skills have been utilized by top celebrities, influencers, fashion magazines, and media platforms.

Starts at $7500

Bookings currently open for 2017 with limited availability

5 Weeks Turnaround Time

This package aims to provide you with a thoughtful and personal brand identity for your blog. A beautifully designed and user-friendly website is a non-negotiable tool mandatory for every successful business. Inside this package, you will receive:

Customized Logo and Brand Identity  

  • Creative Deep Dive Consultation

  • Personalized Brand DNA Q+A

  • Customized Brand Exploration and Mood Board

  • Color Palette Exploration

  • 3 Original Logo Explorations

  • 4 Rounds of Built In Design Revisions

  • Logo, Badge, and Social Icon Development

  • Suggested Fonts for Web and Print

  • Brand Style Guide with Color Guide (Web, CMYK, and Pantone)

  • Business Cards, Letterhead, and Customized Notecard

  • Dropbox Library of Customized Logo and Branded Assets

Website Design + Development

  • Website audit and tech support improvements.

  • Wireframe PDF of blog design layout plus demo site testing before launch

  • Custom design + development built on WordPress.org

  • Curated blog design experience to showcase your content and improve user experience with distinctively designed ad-areas, recipe features, slideshow, and other functionality

  • Setup of email newsletter templates + integrating signup forms within the website

  • SEO recommendations and installation of particular functionality + mobile responsive and thorough testing

  • Responsive design and thorough browser and device compatibility testing

  • Custom built backend features using WordPress Content Management system

  • Transfers (Domain, Hosting, or Platform)

Social Launch Assets Assets

  • 5 Personalized Digital Templates formatted for your Social Media Platforms

  • Facebook Cover and Twitter Banner Design

  • Two Branded Launch Images Formatted for Social Media and Blog platforms


Are you ready to activate? I work on a strict production schedule so we are able to get your new website live in under 5 weeks. Here is an outline of what working together on your Brand Identity and Website Design will look like.


First, We Schedule A One-On-One Consultation

It’s important to me that every single person or business I work with is a right fit. I will never take on a client with goals or a creative scope that is not the right fit. I also only take on a certain number of clients at a time to ensure that every client receives personalized attention directly from me.

Our initial conversation will be done via Phone or Skype, where you will brief me on your brand and business, design references, and personal goals. In our initial Consultation, we will discuss pricing and timeline, and a proposal will be sent to you as a follow up to our call. Once the proposal has been received and we have decided to move forward, you will receive a Contract and a link for Payment. I require full payment upfront for all Programs, Packages, and Services. I accept Payments via Credit Card or Bank Transfer (you will receive an invoice, receipt, and the appropriate info as any Service you receive is a tax write off!).


Next, We Dive Deep (Creatively Speaking)

After the contract is signed and your payment has been submitted, you will receive a Q+A that takes you . During this time, you will be working on completing the homework needed before the design begins. We will be finalizing components of your brand identity – niche, audience, and purpose. I will also conduct a comprehensive website audit. Any areas of conflict will be addressed at this time, and we will tackle the improvements together.

Your Big, Beautiful Brand Exploration

This is where the fun begins. After you have submitted your CREATIVE DEEP DIVE, the brand exploration begins. For your brand identity, my team and I start by submitting a PDF with logos concepts that we feel accurately reflects your gorgeous new brand identity. Here, we also submit your MoodBoard, Color Palette, Business Cards, Stationary, and additional Branding Assets.

The Design Process

After we’ve tackled your logo, color palette, and have worked out all of the visual kinks of your brand, my team and I roll up our sleeves and get to work. At this stage, our primary focus is presenting you with not only a stunning website that is beautiful to look at, but one that is extremely easy to use. Giving your customers, fans, and followers a beautiful user experience will keep them coming back for more. Typically, we allow for 1-2 week for this process to establish a solid design that looks and feels like you.

First We Design, Then We Develop

Once we have secured exactly how you want your website to look, we tackle exactly how we want the website to feel. Here is where we animate our design mockups and make your website come to life. My team and I will work on the back end development of your website to ensure that it functions like a racehorse, with all of the appropriate plug-ins and tools need to keep you in a state of growth when it comes to happy clients and customers. Here, you receive 3 rounds of developmental revisions. We usually allow 1-2 weeks for this process.   

Next, We Go Live!

Welcome to the post-approval process. Here, we get your new website and branding live so you can begin marketing your beautiful message to the world. Not only does my team get you live, we also package together Instructions, Tutorials, and Maintenance Guidelines to help you keep your new site running smoothly.

Lastly, Your Launch Assets

Now that your site is ready to go live, we will deliver your Launch Assets so that you can tell everyone you know that your new website / blog is now live. These assets include your new Social Media banners, Custom Blog Templates, and Social Media Posts.

This package is perfect for you if you…

  • You are an entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to create a profitable business.
  • You dream to be a positive influence, personal, and profitable on social media, particularly on Instagram.
  • You love what you do but can’t figure out how to get “noticed."
  • The idea of putting yourself out there is terrifying.
  • You aren’t sure how to create high quality, consistent content that converts.
  • You don’t know how to create the appropriate captions that communicate your brand message and don’t understand why your content is flat-lining.
  • When your posts don’t get likes and comments, your feel frustrated or deflated.
  • You want a thriving, socially driven community of customers and fans who are waiting to buy what you’re selling.
  • You wish you could create gorgeous posts like a blogger or an award winning designer.
  • You know that you HAVE to have a digitally driven brand to increase your discovery and influence, but don't know how to brand yourself effectively.

Does this sound like everything you need to conquer Brand Shame for good?

If you’re ready to get started, let’s activate! All you need to do is contact me below and we will initiate the next steps.

Have Questions, or Ready to ActivateLet's schedule a private Complimentary Consultation to see if working together is a fit.  Fill out the form below, or you can also email me directly at heather@heathercatania.tv. I answer every single email in less than 24 hours.