Get DIGITAL CONTENT that looks and feels like you
(and makes some sweet moolah, too.)

Here's what it looks like to work with me


Step #1

On a 30-min Skype call, you dish on the details of your project, lay out your sales funnel and timeline, and we figure out if there’s a spark.

Step #2

You answer a detailed questionnaire that gets into all the details of your brand, your clients, your audience, and your ultimate business goals.

Step #3

We spend 60-minutes on Skype planning your content, tweaking your core message, and laying out a timeline for your launch campaign.

Step #4

You create a shared Dropbox or Google folder with copy, client testimonials, portfolio images, current branding, etc., and I start revamping your brand from the group up.

Step #5

Once your new website is designed, your brand exploration is approved, and your social media content is created, you’ll get a preview with a Google doc you can add comments to, and we’ll do one round of live revisions on the phone together.

Step #6

If you’re running a launch campaign, you may wish to take advantage of my "a la carte” services, which include an audit and consult of your Launch Plan. We’ll look at how we can prime your content to perform well from the get-go. 


Ready to turn your digital desires into full blown reality? Contact me about working one-on-one, whether it be a consultation, inside one of my social media education programs, or a VIP Package that will get you the results you're after. Fill out the form below! (FYI - I read every single email, and respond within 24 hours or less) 

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